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My Business partner and I are in need of an on going partnership with a Shopify Developer. We have a number of custom Shopify Apps that we will need programmed and installed. We also need markup and styles programmed pixel perfect (based on our site design). 

The custom app needs are as follows. 

1. Aggregation of products to the following: Amazon, E-Bay, Google, Facebook, Shopify Search

2. Auto Complete Search feature

3. Category Filters. Once in a category we will need to filter product based on tags. 

4. CRM. Integration with campaign monitor

5. Custom Invoices and Labels. We will need to style and print all of our own custom invoices and shipping labels. 

6. Live Chat. needs to work with aol aim, google talk, or ichat

7. Product Up-sells. need to offer similar products on the detail product page, and on the cart checkout page

8. QuickBook Integration. we need to have the cart integrate directly with our quickbooks feature. 

9. Wish Lists. need to have a wish list feature for the site so user can save products they like and then add them to campaign monitor to allow for an email blast after 2 weeks of a static wish list.

The entire design is already mocked up so we would be ready to start this relationship after review of all candidates. We are also based in Buffalo, NY if that matters to you. 

Anyone who is interested feel free to contact me. Send samples of your work and an outline of your experience and capabilities to


Zack Schneider | 716.228.4946

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Hey Zack,

Much of what you need is already available as apps from some great developers, like the guys at Olark.

Have you looked at the available options first, or is it important for everything to be one app?



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We're looking at developing an app for wishlists with relevant functionality.  I just sent you an email.  You can also reach me, Phil, at




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Auto Complete Search feature

Please check out Searchify.