Interested in shopify design work

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I have a website specializing in edge tools (a nice way of saying machetes).  We are called  I have a yahoo store currently, but am currently on a trial version of shopify

I have a fairly uniform product line, but I want customers to be able to search/sort by using multiple variables.  If you look at one of my products there are about 10 attributes I would like to allow them to search by (either via tags, categories, product type, etc...).

I am also looking to update the site generally, to give it a more modern feel.  That said, the bottom line is to create more conversions, so I am wanting a very navigable website (some examples of what I would be going for: http://www.knifecenter.comhttp://budk.com

Some things I would like:

Rotating banner on home page

Zoom in on images

Image insets

Product reviews

Social bookmarks

My current website and images are all available, and I will provide a logo to serve as the base point for the design.

Please email quotes/suggestions to Attn: Cam