JOB DONE, thanks for your replies

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Hi, I need someone to import a CSV file of products, I am having problems doing it myself and I am at a loss to explain why its not working, I have spent far too much time on this already and I need to get on with working on other things. Weird thing is the first few time I did this it worked perfectly and easily first time round, this time I suppose I must be doing something wrong. There are 1769 skus, you can see attached example of a screen shot.


next thing, I have downloaded an App and someone to put the code in the right place, I am not and HTML genius so am scared of doing this myself.



Please contact me for more information, the company is Velvet Olive Ltd

I would like to get this done over this weekend so I hope there are some weekend workers out there.


Many thanks 

Kathryn Fletcher