Liquid coder for a complete new design needed

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we're currently running a theme which is ok but doesn't meet our needs anymore. We want to take the next step to a more professional look and already have a completely new design done.

What we're looking for right now is a coder that is able to transform the .psd(s) into a complete code that the store can be run with. Obviously the code-language is liquid ;)

Anyone is welcome to apply but please give us some information:

  1. send links to your previous works or other references. you don't have to include everything you ever did of course.
  2. say something about the projects, like what was your role, how much time it took you, how much input you gave and so on. (2-3 sentences are ok)
  3. send your hourly rate or whatever price you charge.

What needs to be done:

frontpage (which also represents the main theme as well) with a slider/caroussel, catalog page, product page

deadline for the project is the 11th of February (big conference starts at that day)

deadline for applications is 17th of January

When your application arrives I will send you a screenshot of the website so you can guestimate how much time it will take to have the code ready and we'll discuss further details then.

send your mail to "tim at" at=@