Looking for Business Partner 50/50

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As i started dropshipping business i realised that it requiries much more time in order to make it working successfully. In my project Marcellmarket.com the idea is to bring the most interesting and needed products to people. Since i am running not only that business i don`t have too much time to develop this project and it progressing quite slowly. However i still feel that Marcellmarket as a brand has good potential.

What i am looking for.

I am looking for a business partner who would help me to manage my online store, finish it (need to add products to already existing categories) and start selling products.I am looking for experinced person or organisation who would take it serious and potentially become a full business partner.

Marcellmarket is officially registered name in Ireland which means that as a company we are paying taxes, having certain expenses etc.So please no freelancers or new starters. All profit would be shared 50/50.

Please email me with your info to support@marcellmarket.com