Looking for Developer Experienced with Shopify API

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I'm not even sure if this is possible but if it is, I am looking for a developer to help us with a small amount of coding.

Our store sells many different products all at the same price, and we need to automatically give discounts based on the number of items that the customer is buying.

For example, each roll of ribbon is £2.50, but if the customer buys 4, it's £8. 10 for £15. 20 for £25. The discount could be calculated based on a 'percentage' OR 'based on a £X off, but it will vary depending on the total value/or number of items in the basket.

Essentially i just need to do this: 4 for £8. 10 for £15. 20 for £25. This should be worked out at checkout.

Is this possible? If so, is it also possible to only give this discount IF the product is in a particular collection or category.


We currently use Actinic for our shopping solution but wish to move over to Shopify. If this isn't possible, unfortunately we can't!

Our current website is here: www.fantasticribbons.co.uk
The password protected shopify store is here: https://fantasticribbons.myshopify.com/ (password: R1bb0ns)
Please Contact me on darrenjsmith@me.com


Or, if it's not possible- would anyone experienced with the API reply here to let me know?


Thanks very much!



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Hello Darren,

See this link http://support.myshopify.com/kb/troubleshooting/can-i-offer-wholesale-or-bulk-pricing.

I can do the work but your looking at about 8 hours development time.

Email me if you still want it doing.

charlesemarsh @ hotmail .com