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I need some help with finishing customizations I'm building for a Shopify store. The store address is aldencosmetics.myshopify.com. It is a modification of the Monochrome theme. The work I need help with is on the product page. The theme originally takes any product that has multiple options and it hides the dropdown menu that lists all of the product variants and it uses javascript and json to put in a separate select list for each option so the user can select options individually. When a product only has one option it inserts a list of radio buttons. I need the theme to put radio buttons like the ones it puts in for the single option product in for multiple option products as well. I am somewhat familiar with javascript, but this is a bit over my head.I don't have a huge budget to spend on this, but I'm hoping that the modifications to the existing code will not be too involved. If there are any Shopify developers out there that would be interested in helping me out, please contact me with an quote for what it would cost to have this work done.


Brian Rivet


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Hey Brian,


So you are wanting the select boxes turned into radio button? Didn't see either on your website listed.



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