Looking for developer for advanced integration w/ third party systems

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I have a potential client who is looking to replace an existing e-commerce site with Shopify. They have over 80,000 SKUs and close to 1000 transactions a day. My company can handle the design & development of the front end, but we would need help with the import & integration with the third party accounting system. Do you have experience with migrating big e-commerce installations to Shopify? I'd like to hear from you: dalton@madebyraygun.com


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Marie, great enthusiasm, but when someone leaves their email it really is quite unnecessary to continually post the same cut and paste message all over the forum. Just simply email the poster please. These types of posts simply make the forum spammy and crowds RSS feeds with nothing that is informative, please just reply to the OP in future. Thanks!

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