Looking for developer to create a Wish List feature for my shop

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I am using the Classic theme by Shopify.

My website is http://www.thirdshiftvintage.com

I am looking for an EXPERIENCED developer to add a Wish List feature to my shop. I would like the feature to be very similar to the Smart Wishlist app (https://apps.shopify.com/smart-wishlist). See the Smart Wishlist app for details to get a better idea of what I am looking for.

The main details I need for this feature:

  • Would not require customer to create an account to create a Wish List.
  • Customer could choose to create an account and use the Wish List feature. If they first created a Wish List, and then decided to create an account, the Wish List would transfer over to their new customer account.
  • Wish List would be persistent, meaning the customer could leave my website with items on their Wish List, and come back later and the items would still be in the Wish List.
  • Customers would be able to SHARE their Wish List via social media and via email with others.
  • The look of the Wish List must match the style of my store (fonts, colors, etc.).
  • The Wish List feature must be quick to load and NOT drag down my website.
  • Wish List feature MUST be mobile friendly!!!
  • Wish List feature would create a backend dashboard of some kind to show me which items are being added to a Wish List and preferrably, when they were added.

If possible, I would like to keep this project at or under $120.

For what it's worth, I really like the Smart Wishlist app that I've mentioned here, but I do NOT want to pay a monthly fee for something that I won't need to update any time soon (therefore virtually no maintenance or new features to add, so no need to pay a monthly on-going fee).

If this is a job you are interested in, please contact me ASAP.  Thank you!

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Hi JD,

I have read your requirement and can definitely assist you with the best possible solution

as i have done this work before as well, so please share yor email address and Skype id for further and better communication

Thanks & Regard

Frank Jones

My Skype: cis.am3

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Hey JD,

We'd be happy to assist you on creating WISH LIST FEATURE at your store.



Bluetech | https://www.bluetechitservices.com | info@bluetech.co.in
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You can use Wishlist Stellar app. It let you add the wishlist widget to your theme with just one click.