Looking for help with site migration from Woo + rev share offer - Part 2

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Hi there,


This is part 2 of my initial request. I had selected someone from this group but unfortunately they were unable to follow through due to the demand from their other jobs. So I'm reposting this once again.

2 new things that I ask at this point based on my previous experience:

- I need someone who has experience in skincare or beauty on Shopify builds. It's imperative that I partner with someone who understands the nuances and has experience in building skincare or beauty industry sites.

- You also need to work within the current photography assets that we have. We're not going to do new photography at this point. Not until there is an improvement in revenue from the site. Ideally if you are also strong in retouching and photoshop that would be awesome.


So here is my request again:


We have an existing site www.skinescens.com (currently on Woo) which I'm very unhappy with and is performing terribly -  which I'd like to move onto Shopify and sunset our existing set up. (Yes, unfortunately we've made all the mistakes in the book with our first Ecom site!!)

A) I'm looking for someone to help me pick a theme for a 6 product sku e-com site, to set up the site from start to finish using

our existing copy content and images etc etc. Everything existing. 

I'd like to get this done if possible on a super tight budget of $500 for this 1st part and really want to be sure that whoever does the work has specific vertical experience in the beauty and skincare industry.

B) The 2nd part of this is an incentive-based business offer to the professional who does the above work and that is....

(Background) Our existing site is very weak from a revenue generating direct to consumer site point of view.

(Offer) I'm happy to offer 10-15% per product sold on our site through the prowess of someone who can drive traffic and get sales humming through our site via SEO etc..  Something we are currently paying to Amazon anyway through them.

So this might be an opportunity for someone who is interested in very little on the front side but someone who can see the incremental residual revenue potential as a great opportunity.

Our average product cost is about $50.  I'd be happy to pay about $10 per product sale which is 20% on each product sold through our new site to this person for the 1st year. We can discuss year 2 and beyond in a conversation.


Thanks for your consideration and help.

I'm at dominic@skinescens.com




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Hello sorry I can't help you to drive more traffic. However if you want to migrate your site from Woocommerce in a cheap but accurate way, I can suggest you.

With this app, you can do the migration on your own. It's much cheaper than hiring an agency or someone to do it for you. You can clearly see the cost. time and possibility of your migration.


You can create 301 redirects so your current store which is based on Woocommerece can keep the rank on google. That won't affect your sale.


You also can try e free demo to test how your products and customers are organized on the Shopify, and How your store will look like from Frontend as well.


Hope this helps and you can reduce the migration cost.

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I recommend you to use an automated tool to migrate your old site's data from Woo to Shopify first, then hire someone to design your Shopify store. This way saves you a lot of money.

There is a tool named LitExtension that migrates almost of your important data automatically. This tool is considered the world top so you can totally feel comfort when handing over this task to it. The price is very reasonable, only from $59 depending on the number of entities you want to migrate.

Check it out here

Good luck!




We would love to help you.


Please contact us at: https://ecommercestoremigration.myshopify.com/


We have already done more than 200+ migration


Thanks & Regards

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Hello Dom,

Thanks for sharing your requirement here. I can help you with 2 of your initial request. I have visited your store & analyzed everything. I am ready to help you to convert it into Woo to Shopify.  I have many good ideas regarding your requirement & definitely, if you choose me for this then your sales & services will go very high.
My Contact email is atique@99coders.co
Also can connect on my skype - info@99coders.co , Here I am always available to support.

Waiting for your positive response to start the work & finish it soon,



Best Regards,
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