Looking for quotes on revamping our online grocery store, Freshbag

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Hey devs,

I'm Ian from Freshbag, an online grocery store with local pickup, and we're looking for quotes for Shopify devs with a good design background too! 

Our current website is: www.thefreshbag.com


We're looking for some overall improvements: 

  1. Adding inline lightboxing for product description, nutrition, etc
  2. Adding an easy option for 'add to cart' and changing item quantities from the shop page
  3. Pushing in Quicksand to the sorting options
  4. Improving our sort and product stratification
  5. Adding an easy-to-use AJAX search bar for our products - optimal if you have a plan for real time search, too

We're also interested in your suggestions of user experience improvement. One of our developer criteria will be based on your suggestions - we want a dev who understands how to reach out to customers! 


If you're interested, please email

ian DOT wong AT thefreshbag DOT com

With quote, references/portfolio, and some suggestions of how you'd improve the site to make it more usable.

If we're really pleased, we may keep you on retainer for maintenance and upgrades

  • Company name: Freshbag
  • Your name: Ian
  • The project's URL: www.thefreshbag.com
  • Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget): TBD, but $2.5k+, more if we keep you beyond this project
  • Contact Info: above
  • Description of the services required: above