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I'm setting up a new business via Shopify.  There are some complexities, and I'd like to find the right person to help get the store right.  Some of the complexities are as follows:

  • Multiple product variants with multiple sku's - for example, you can order a sneaker in red, white, blue or yellow, as well as in high or low top in those colors.
  • When you're looking at the low top, I want the option of previewing thumbnails for each color option, and when you click you click through to a product page with a different image and updated SKU in the description (For SEO purposes). 
  • If you switch to high top, I'd like it to switch to a high top with the same color as the one being looked at (although this isn't absolutely necessary)
  • The issue is, variants come in different colors and flavors with differences in both the descriptions and the images.

In the ideal world, I'd like to structure something where there's a fixed project cost to set up the product pages the way that I need, and consulting rates following for maintenance.  One of the things I'm trying to determine is whether Shopify is right for me within the 30 day window, or whether I need to have something built from scratch.



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Hi Dmitry

If you post your email address I will get in touch :)


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Dear Dmitry,

We are experts in Shopify and would be very happy to help you create a wonderful shopping experience for your customers.


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