Loooking a partner for new social network.

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We want to introduce you our team of nine people who work very intensely on new Internet (social network) project for six months. 
This project is considered an innovation in internet environment and it is going to be the only in its kind, that is to say there is no social network similar to this one. 
This social network is going to be a 3D world where the real life is transformed to virtual. 
The project is designed for school education, for teachers, businesspeople, housekeepers, etc. 
The aim: To help people to save their precious time by solving their problems by the help of this project, instead of wasting time on social network. (description is in the resume)
For implementation of this project we have to find some investment. 
In this advance letter the ‘’Project Resume” file is going to be attached, where the detailed description of project and estimated return on investment information is documented. I am looking a partner/investor.

Email: vahagnkakoyan@gmail.com