Modify A Product Slideshow

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We need a developer who can modify a JavaScript slideshow used to display product images on the front page of our Shopify site. The slideshow can be seen in context here:

Currently, the slideshow is displaying the product images but we have no control over the cropping of the images i.e they are all displayed scaled and cropped to the same value. This is a problem because some of the images need to be cropped tighter than others in order to show the detail of the product more clearly.

To overcome this limitation, we would like to be able to specify a directory into which we would place images. These images could then each be cropped and scaled to our preference. We would also like to be able to specify which product each image should link to when clicked.

We envisage the requirements are:

  1. Change the path for the slideshow images to have it display images from a directory we specify. This can be hard coded i.e. does not need to be dynamic.
  2. Add a function that allows us to link each image to it's related product. We are open as to how this is achieved but our own thoughts were perhaps this could be done via an XML file which we could edit?

If you are able to help us with this modification then we look forward to hearing from you. Please also indicate whether you would prefer to work on an hourly rate or fixed price. You can reach us at