My store needs some help

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I'd like someone to help me with a few things in my store -
1. Making the site work seo wise. I know the coding is wrong, right now a link to my blog is coming up as the description for the front page. I am sure there are a few things wrong with it and I'd like someone to fix everything that needs to be done so the site works well for search engines.
2. I would like to add dropdown menus to the navigation. I have created subcategories and would like them to appear as drop downs or as options with a picture on a page.
3. Add a facebook like button and a link to a newsletter sign-up.
4. Moving the tags from the navigation to below the products
5. Adding a section on other recommendations with three other products on each of the product pages.
As you can tell, I don't know much about websites, but am keen to learn and pay someone to help. My email address is if you could send me a quote and some projects you've worked on that would be great. Thanks, Lisa