Need Help with Customization- Lots of Weird Variables

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Hello, folks--

I have very specific things I want to have happen in my yet to be public shopify store, and I am wondering who can help me. I don't even know if some of this stuff is possible in shopify, but this is what I need----

Please go to my shop:
Password is scotchbasic

I have specified in the product descriptions of a few items what sort of things I am trying to do.

Please look at the following products to see what I mean:

The 8 1/2
Silk Lining
Custom Shirt

Specifically, I am looking for time and cost estimates for these separate pieces of the puzzle.

Please email me at with flat rate quotes, feedback, and sites in your portfolio where I can see examples of your having done some of this before.

I am looking to get this up as quickly as possible, and can likely handle some of the styling and style sheet things on my own. My priorities are the functional things, not style.


My best,