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I am in the process of setting up a new Shopify store and am almost done.  However, I have a few things left and have come close to the end of my limited abilities with Liquid and jQuery.  

We are a non-profit, and our password protected store is setup to provide fundraising and marketing materials to our employees (not a public facing store). We are slated to go live next week at a staff conference.

If you are available for immediate help for any of these items, please contact me with an approximate price quote immediately.



#1 – We need to collect custom product info on specific product pages, not in the cart.  I have the custom fields set up as cart.attributes, but I’m not sure how to implement the javascript for cookies / to send the info on to the cart.  The fields will also need to be validated (some fields are required, some need to require numeric entry, some need to limit max characters, etc.).

#2 – On the product page, I switched the variations to radio buttons instead of a drop down menu.  Now when a product page with multiple variations loads, the price shown is automatically the lowest price of all variations, not the price of the default product selected.  If you click on another variation, the price corrects.  Basically there is something wrong with the java that isn’t forcing the price to the default selection on page load.

#3 – Implementing the radio buttons also stopped the “Compare to” price function from working.  My guess is I just have a conflict between two different sets of javascript.

#4 – Shopify does not offer automated quantity based pricing variations (ie 1-10 = $10, 11-99 = $8, etc.), which is a major weakness that I’ve found.  

We offer staff 500 donor commitment cards free and then $.11 each after that.  Right now I have them offered as two different variations; however, it requires staff order the item twice.  This seems like it will be confusing to our employees (ie multiple shopping cart entries for the same product), and will probably end in many incorrect orders (ie - there's nothing that keeps them from ordering more than 500 of the free variant).

What I would like is to just have the language as a variant (english or spanish), and have it automatically calculate price based on the quantity entered.  Example:  Card 1, Variant 1 = $.11 each but you get up to 500 free / order 100 = $0 / order 500 = $0 / order 600 = $11, same thing for Variant 2, but not for a combination of the two (needs to be 500+ of each variant)

I am thinking an option may be to enter an if/else in product.liquid - {% if product.tags contains 'freebrochureoption' %} and then have jquery change the product.price or variant.price. Not quite sure how to implement this though or if it is even possible.

#5 – Music Player

We are going to offer a couple CDs that our staff have produced, and I would like to have a mp3 player, so staff can sample the music before buying.  I’ve looked at jPlayer, which seems to be the best jQuery solution, but I’m not sure how to point it to my playlist.

Demo of Player -

I’ve uploaded the required files to our asset library (jquery.jplayer.js, jquery.jplayer.min.js, Jplayer.swf,

The following page lists the CSS and HTML code to enter:

I entered the CSS in my all.css.liquid file  

I entered the HTML in product.liquid

I uploaded a sample song to try it, but I can’t figure out how to point jPlayer to the song.

Just need to know what code to change, so it accesses the proper song list.

#6 – Drop Down Menus

I would like to do a couple drop down menus in our menu bar like the following page (see their Brand, Collection, Price menus):

This is a sample page by the people who designed the Shopify Reconfigure template I’m using.  For some reason, they didn’t include that in the template.
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Email on the way!

Mike Larkin | | | mikelarkin [at] pixellent [dot] com
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#1 - Generally, product customization information will be stored as product variants. I am not sure why you want them to go into cart.attributes.


#2 - This might be easily solved just simulate a click on the default selection after the page has completed loading. jQuery("<get your radio button>").click() will do the trick if you are using jQuery.


#4 - A frontend solution will not work here, because the same user can come back and place another order. I will suggest having the free cards as a separate variant, and having a separate DB to keep track of who ordered how many free cards. And then cancel the orders from individuals who are exceeding their quota. The free card product description can state that 'you can order upto 500 of each variant, if you exceed your quota your orders will be cancelled'. Not the ideal solution, but the best I could think of.

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