Need a Designer for small project

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Hi there!

We are a jewelry company and are currently building our new website, and have run into a couple of issues. We have implemented drop downs on some of our main menu links. We were thinking of having the main menu links link to a customized page in which for example "our designers" would link to a custom page with pics of all of our designers and you could click on the designer's picture to bring them to another page. 

As of right now the main menu links click through to a page that says "page not found". Is there a way to make it so that when you click on the main menu link it doesn't go anywhere and doesn't bring the customer to a "page not found" would just make the customer choose from the drop down menu?

We are also interested in having a zoom tool installed, but don't know much about HTML and didn't want to mess around with that. We are hoping to debut this site next week, so would love some feedback ASAP!

If you are interested or can offer some advice, please email us at

Thank you SO much!