Need a Shopify Designer for shop clean-up

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I have a shopify site up and running, but it needs small custom HTML tweeks here and there to make it bettter. I am looking for a successful e-commerce designer to add their personal, professional input to collaborate with me to optimize the site. I will Skype with you to brainstorm and design, if you can do the heavy lifting in html :) 

Here are some things I need:

  • Optimize and clean up overall feel of the site through font, color, tab and page structure
  • Re-design product pages for more conversions
  • Help with Dynamic drop-down options on product pages
  • Add Social media buttons
  • Give additional input on ways to make the site better

I am available M-F 7-10pm CST or Sat/Sun 12-10pm CST. to collaborate on the design.

My budget is $100-200 USD depending on what we work out.

Please email me anytime at