Need a Shopify Expert for help on pre-order > using 3rd party payment provider

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Our job has confused some experts and generated some options we do not want. Let me further describe exactly what we need in a little more detail.
  • We have one product that is not yet ready, but will be in March/April 2020
  • We need it to show up in the store NOW and allows customer to Pre-order.
  • We've seen stores do this. The button says 'Pre-Order' instead of 'Buy now.'
  • A Pre-order means we capture all of their billing and shipping info right away, but we do not charge them until it ships. (For legal reasons.)
  • Shopify will not let you go over 7 days, so they require shops to use a third-party provider. (Not sure why, but they do)
  • I have a Stripe account, so that may work. 
  • This Pre-order functionality needs to happen DIRECT / or INSIDE the Shopify store. (Not external / on new page / or an outside site)
  • Shopify has a specific definition for DIRECT vs. EXTERNAL > see link
  • Since I am not the first store to do a Pre-order, Shopify has detailed steps on how this should work.
  • Read this Shopify page > Allow Pre-order for Products
I'd appreciate it if contacts could start off messages with an understanding of the specific problem above. Even better, you might say 'I have done this and know how to help.' When you reply with a resume and the question, 'what do you need?' it appears that you did not read anything I wrote. 
Dave Schultze

Hi Dave!


All payment gateways I've come across have an authorization period of 30 days or less (most authorize for 7 days, like Shopify Payments does). Since your product will be released in March/April 2020, doing pre-orders with a third party payment gateway to keep the customer inside the Shopify checkout experience (using a "direct payment provider") like the Shopify tutorial suggests ( won't be possible. 


As a result, you'll have to rely on an "external" payment experience, because you have to store the customer's payment information (e.g. on Stripe) until your product is released.  There are likely apps on the marketplace that do this: May I ask why the pre-order functionality needs to occur in the "direct" (or inside the Shopify store) payment experience? There are customizations that can be made to the external checkout experience to make it look and feel however you want. I'm also happy to chat more if you have any more questions!

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