Need a Simple Variant App - App developer needed

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Here is the problem, there are no good variant apps out there that can accomplish what I want done, and what I want done is actually fairly simple, but as far as I have seen there is nothing out there. 


What do I want you ask?


Simple, I want to be able to add these Variants and Values In a bulk fashion to all selected products in my inventory and use the base/parent value of each product it's applying it to.


Variant: Ring Size 
Values:  4,4.25,4.5,4.75,5,5.25,5.5,5.75,6,6.25,6.5,6.75,7,7.25,7.5,7.75,8,8.25,8.5,8.75,9,9.25,9.5,9.75,10

Variant: Gold Color
Values: White Gold,Yellow Gold,Rose Gold

Price= the base price of the parent product (these variants have no value difference from the parent product)

I want to be able to apply these Variants and Values in bulk and for the price, it will just use the parent value.

The problem is adding variants in the spreadsheet is way too time-consuming and was poorly designed without efficiency in mind if you have hundreds or thousands of products. Why was there no app for this, or an app with this function? Good question, I guess some people just like to take the long route, but I see my time as a valuable commodity in which I wish not to waste. 

So with all of that being said, if you feel you can make something like this let me know, the time and money involved or if there is something out there that you know does this please point it out for me. 



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I can help you, please check DM.




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Ready to help you by adding all the Variants & values in bulk, Let's communicate through email or skype - 
Also share me your store link 

Thank you

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Hi, @superduperfly:

You don't need an App to add those details, if the price won't change then you can add color and size as properties to your product. We can help you with this task, just send us an email and we will answer you as soon as possible. You will only need to select a custom template for the product you want to apply these changes.

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@superduperfly Use Line Item Properties(LIP's), if the "variants"

  1. do not affect price
  2. customer selected values are not used for third party integrations(dropshipping,marketplaces,ERP,etc)

Just use LIP's


There are also plenty of LIP apps that let you apply templates of values to products.


Example code you will need to tailor to your theme, some themes have javascript that may need to be updated as well.


<select required class="required" id="size" name="properties[Size]">
 {%- assign sizes = "4,4.25,4.5,4.75,5,5.25,5.5,5.75,6,6.25,6.5,6.75,7,7.25,7.5,7.75,8,8.25,8.5,8.75,9,9.25,9.5,9.75,10" | split:"," -%}
 {%- for size in sizes %}
  <option value="{{size}}">{{size}}</option>
 {%- endfor -%}

<select required class="required" id="size" name="properties[Color]"> {%- assign sizes = "White Gold,Yellow Gold,Rose Gold" | split:"," -%}  {% for color in colors -%}   <option value="{{color }}">{{color }}</option>  {%- endfor -%} </select>



The problem is adding variants in the spreadsheet is way too time-consuming and was poorly designed without efficiency in mind if you have hundreds or thousands of products. Why was there no app for this, or an app with this function? 

This is workflow problem, there are a million shopify merchants and not everyone has this specific problem, the more common workflows produce this data at the start before shopify is even considered for stuff like data entry or import/export. That said there are loads of bulk product editing apps, especially LIP based apps, but their workflow may not be how you expect it to work with your information architecture. 


  1. Try the shopify bulk editor for your use case
  2. Create 1 product first with all the unchanging variant values then use that in an export to do the formula work or merging in a spreadsheet for the individual product details but you really need to be comforatable in spreadsheets for that or just use fiverr.
  3. Alternative process hack, use the liquid templating language itself, or javascript, to generate the CSV values using an unpublished theme to render the information of the products then import that back into to shopify (using code similar to above to insert the values)



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Hi There, Hope you're keeping great! I would be happy to work with you. It would be great if you come over Skype for further discussion . Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast I look forward to your response! Regards, Jennifer
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I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
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@PaulNewton Thank you for taking the time out of your day to type all of this information, I will have to reread it a few times and try to figure it out since I don't have much experience with it, but I greatly appreciate your effort on letting me know this information as it is a great help, good to have people like you around the community.