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General Description

 <!--[endif]-->There will be two categories of products

  • Finished fabric products (cubicle curtains)
  •  Hardware to go along with the cubicle curtains

  <!--[endif]-->Fabric Products

  • There will be around 15 patterns
  •  Each pattern will have 1-13 colors available
  •  For each color the customer will be able to select both the Width and the Length desired
  • The customer will select from pre-determined values
  • Each fabric may also tagged as having certain features (“Solid”, “Design”, “Green”, “Impact”, “Quick Ship”)
  • The customer should be able to select one of these tags to view all of the fabrics under it
  •   For each fabric, there should be a feature to request a free sample of that fabric
  •  Added to cart and the customer can check out without paying

 <!--[endif]-->Hardware Products

  • These will be divided as whole “Systems” and “Individual Components”
  • For “Systems
  •  For this product, the customer will select one of several configurations, represented by pictures
  •  For each configuration, the customer will select the appropriate sizes from a predetermined subset
  • For “Individual Components”
  • For this product, the customer will select from among multiple components, represented by pictures
  • For certain components, the customer may have to select from several sizes


Contractor Responsibilities

  • Working with us in selecting an appropriate template
  • Modifying the template design
  • Based on the requirements above
  • Also add our logo
  • Populating the template with all of the content
  •   Integrating a payment processing service, analytics, other appropriate tools
  • SEO Optimization
  •   Very important – there are not many websites that sell these products and we need to be on the top of the searches
  •  Setting up a PPC campaign
<!--[if !supportLists]-->


Also, you may suggest a better platform than Shopify for hosting this site.  Our main criteria are ease of use as well as clean and appealing design.


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Hi Leytus,


Please can you follow the Shopify forum guidelines (here) when posting to the job board.

It will also make more developers respond to the posting, since most will simply ignore this.

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I'm a bit confused - I had an attachment that answered all of the questions in the guidelines that you cited above.

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There are no attachments unless you're adding a simple jpg or png file. Sorry no word docs or ppt files or anything like that. :::
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Hello leytus

I have send you an email requesting mentioned attachment.