Need a great designer and developer to implement accross Shopify and Wordpress

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Hi there,

Thanks for checking out my post.  Im the founder of a great new company called SurfEasy.  We're in "stealth mode" right now so I cant say too much about what we're doing.  I can tell you that we are in the online personal privacy space and we will be selling a physical product.

We need to have a great website that accomplishes a couple things:

#1 educated people about our product

#2 lets them buy the product (shopify)

#3 lets us talk about topics related to our product (wordpress)

#4 lets us provide support to our customers (zendesk)


We need someone who can:

-work with us on the design of the site (we have a logo and some basic corp ID elements)

-deploy the design across wordpress, shopify and zendesk seemlessly. 

-help us set up and integrate all the various configurations in wordpress and shopify

-Basically we want someone who will be responsible for getting our site up and running.


We're on a budget so we dont mind starting from a premium theme and configuring.


From a design perspective we want something that combines the simplicity and friendlyness of the Web2.0 SAS look - with the professionalism and slickness of an apple product page. 


If this sounds like somthing you're interested in please get in touch.





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Hi Chris,


Do you have any email address so that I can contact you. I really have good experience all the technology required to publish your website.


Here is an example website where you can see all the features you need-


This is my email address

Will be waiting for your response.