Need current site converted

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We've designed a new e-commerce website using paypal pro and a somewhat custom cart - we are very unhappy with the cart.  We would like to convert it to Shopify but need to retain the current design.  There are only 11 products but opportunities to purchase these products all through the site. I can provide these files striped of the current cart coding to make things easier. html only.

I would like to keep the majority of the site on my server and only edit the pages that have an opportunity to buy and put those in shopify.  The total page count of the site is 35 pages but there are 12 pages with add to cart buttons.  Most of these pages only have one product 1 page has 7 products another has 5 and another has all eleven products.

If you are interested in providing a quote please email me and I'll give you the url.  I don't want to post it here as I don't want it to show up on a search engine associated with this post.