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my name is tariq.

I plan on offering templates and an EMR initially alone and then based on a private cloud  eventually. This will require me to sell laptops or netbooks with a SQL connection that only I know and that they must purchase from me through the website. > which laptops to offer or netbooks to sell remain to be seen.


with regards to the EMR and templates, I would like to place everything online so that once purchased the purchaser can log into my domain or network and download appropriate content off my NAS, the How Tos could be included in the purchase. I have not figured that out yet. I would like to speak with someone and find out how to setup the shopify site at the same time. how to set it up as is usual and customary online that is. 2. create the shopify site and the developer should be able to come in and assist with SEO monthly.

I am on a relatively tight budget. I recently resigned my position after working nights as a doc poor reimbursement was just one reason, I am using this as a new career.


there is no real comparison online to what I offer. most docs are clueless about EMRs. I want to make it easy to purchase and hence use shopify and the technology out there to make it so with good SEO.


my e-mail  is


Thanks for looking. Shopify only.

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