Need help creating a brands page

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I'm looking for someone who can help create a brands page with each brand represented by an icon. Basically a table with 4 or 5 columns and maybe 10 rows. Each icon would represent a collection and go to that individual collection page. I think there are a couple options here:

1. Create it with liquid so the collections are pulled into the brands page and linked to each icon separately. I would just need a little direction on how to make updates in the future once you set it up (add/remove brands, etc)

2. I could create a table or css layout in HTML and you could convert it to shopify format and link the icons appropriately to their respective collections.

I'm attaching a screenshot from blackmarkers. Initially it could be much simpler but this gives the idea. Gavin of Shopify said he thought it would take a developer about an hour to set this up.

Please submit an estimate and a couple samples and I'll reply to you shortly.