Need help with formatting custom field output to order page

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Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with a specific custom field formatting challenge as it shows in the Shopify order page. Here is the challenge. We make and sell custom luggage and equipment tags. Customers can input the information they want engraved on their tags (see example page). We use the app Product Options & Customizer by Product Customizer to enable this. It is important for us to enforce the text limit by line for specific tag shapes.

So the output on the order page looks like this:


What I want to have is the output to NOT contain the field title names, ONLY the field contents to show but maintain the line breaks so the above would look like below :


This allows us to directly copy and paste into CorelDraw for final laser formatting alignment.  Not every product contains this formatting so would have to check for "Tag Back - Line X"

Steve Wilson, Managing Partner,

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This is an accepted solution.

@Steve_Wilson the order admin is not customizable in this way to format the display of LIP values

If this were adobe products I'd just recommend making a form that runs in-software form to handle this.


The 'field title names' are the names of the Line Item Properties(LIP) added to the item , thus is it critical they are displayed.

This is to clearly validate that LIP information, show that is in the right order , and that it exists.

If your manually copying the information for data entry then information accuracy is even more critical


Some options are:

  • Script|Macro CorelDraw to manipulate the text to it's final state, or is possible outright fetch the values and insert them automatically. If CorelDraw is mission critical software this is probably the #1 spot to invest first in changes for automation, and quality of life.
  • If not using the cart.note, for single item purchases , dump out the LIP values there in the desired format though may need to be checked incase line-breaks are stripped.
  • Alternatively use cart.attributes, or another standalone LIP for the values property though may need to be checked incase line-breaks are stripped.
  • Make a bookmarklet with javascript to get the LIP values,  that would  manually ran on each order screen when formatted  info is needed
  • Make a browser extension to grab,format,and copy the values either with a button press or when the page loads
  • Make an external UI to view the data in the desired format, like a spreadsheet export or airtable, or more expensive a custom built orders-fulfillment dashboard 
  • Use desktop automation tools, like autoit for windows, or automator for mac to manipulate the users clipboard.
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Dear Steve,
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Hi There,

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Hello Steve,
Greetings I have read the job description and relevant experience in Shopify customization and ready to help you.
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Hi Steve, 

I can help you. Please contact me at or Skype: sales.wds

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Paul, thank you for the thoughtful approach. I was able to write a macro on the CorelDraw side to remove the unwanted text from each line. I appreciate your help. I made a donation to I worked with John Gilmore (one of the original founders of EFF) many years ago at Cygnus Support when it was still just a couple of apartments on University Ave in Palo Alto, CA. 

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