Need some small things coded

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I'm looking for some things to be added code wise.

I need:

A box on the side, for twitter/facebook/email/rss.

Someone to fix the newsletter signup box, I can't find how to integrate it with chimpify/mailchimp.

Add Note Option for items, include special text, also way to mail it (physically) to someone.

Perhaps a selectable option under the 'card' which can check a box to mail. Then in Cart/checkout, way to mail it to another address. Also a way to instantly add $2 to the cost of the order for this service.

I need a CSS table made for my product page, I did the little hack where you make a page.collections page, and have the pictures show up, the tutorial said I need a CSS layout to make a table, but doesn't include any info as to what exactly I need, so I now need to pay someone to do it for me. I've asked 10 people who all tell me it's impossible, but AFAIK all you need to do is build a table and assign each link to a cell.. right?


Anyways, if you can help with these small things, let me know, That's also my skype.

This shouldn't take more than an hour or two, so mu budget isn't in the hundreds obviously, I simply don't have the time to google for code to get this done.