Need some work to be done on custom pages

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We have a looming deadline that required custom pages and theme/code editing. We are using the Simple theme.

Specifically 2 custom pages with the following details:

B2S Custom Pages - Scope of work

Required by Willow Three Office Email:

Tel: +27 872656475

14 September 2020

We use the Simple theme within Shopify.

Please quote for the fully completed job only

Please indicate by which date this can be complete.

Please include reference to any portfolio of work in shopify/other.

Please include a brief outlined plan in bullet form of how this work will be completed.

We hope to establish a fruitful relationship with you to maintain our site and carry out future work.


Work required:

We need the following customization to shopify site:

  1. Create new page[schoolname] that resembles the following:


  1. The page must be templatized to use for other schools as well. A configuration/settings in the theme should allow for:
    1.      different school names
    2.      logo photo that can be imported from within the theme edit
    3. list of grades eg [Grade1, Grade 2, Grade 3, etc]
  1. The instruction list to contains the text as illustrated, the green numbered circles to remain.
  2. A dropdown menu showing all the grades available. When selected should navigate to the <school-grade> page.
  3. The variables “school” and “grade” need to be kept for use later.


  1. Create new page[schoolname_gradename] that resembles the following:


  1. The page must be templatized to use for other grades as well. Also for other schools and their grades. A configuration/settings in the theme should allow for:
    1.      different school names
    2.      logo photo that can be imported from within the theme edit
    3. different collection to be set to use against the table
    4. different quantities to be placed as defaults into the table quantities
  1. Child firstname and surname are texbox entries saved to variable “childname” which is a concatenation of firstname, <space> and surname
  2. The table will show a collection that is  to be configurable but defaults to collection named <schoolname_gradename>. It must show sequential numbers starting from 1, product sku, product title, quantity that allows the user to edit, product price as item price, and total which is Product price x quantity.
  3. The Total at the bottom of the table is the total sum of the total of all the products.
  4. Reset Quantities” button resets all quantities to their defaults as per the configuration/setting
  5. “Add to Cart” button has the following properties:
    1.      Disabled until child firstname and child surname are entered
    2.      Reset Quantities” button to reset all quantities to their defaults [as per the configuration
    3. Adds variables “school”, “grade” and “childname” to the “Special instructions for seller”. These variable are comma separated. Eg eg: Portavue Primary, Grade 3, Seth Godin
    4. Navigates to cart
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would like to help. Please get in touch with me over email to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153


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Hi @wilow3dev 

I hope you're doing great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast or Email-

I look forward to your response!

Stay Well


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Hi @wilow3dev,
Hope you are doing well!

I will help you with the same.
Please reach me over Skype: zehntechindore or DM me to discuss further.

I am checking your requirement, will DM you the proposal asap.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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Hi , 

I had shared my finding and scope 

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Hello @wilow3dev 

Welcome to the Shopify community!

I have checked all of your certain requirements and you will receive the quote to your inbox in a very short time.

Thanks for sharing your requirement, we would love to work together.

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