Need t/m help with products with multiple materials/colors/pricing

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Hello, I'm developing a new shopify site from an existing website, and need some help customizing shopify. I'm hoping to find someone who will work on a t/m basis, and be willing to come in and out of the project as needed. The project has just begun, and I would like to launch in February, if possible.

In particular, I'm looking for someone who has worked with multiple color or finish swatches on a site, who can quickly help me create the necessary logic for our products. We are working with furniture, and pieces that will have some of the following rules / needs:

- a piece can have multiple fabrics / coverings, in multiple grades (i.e. standard fabric, premium fabric, standard leather, premium leather), as well as multiple finishes (wood, metal) in the same product.

- the user needs to be able to see visual swatches (which I have) of the coverings/finishes, and see pricing based on a selection from those swatches (for example, if the user chooses walnut wood and premium leather in black, a price will be calculated for that).

- the materials (finishes, fabrics, materials) are controlled by manufacturers, and in some cases changed (or the pricing changed) on a quarterly basis. So the manufacturer contacts us, tells us that all premium leather is costing 20% more, and we need to be able to update all the products from that manufacturer which are available in premium leather.

- there will ultimately be in excess of 1,000 products, so managing the products one-at-a time for edits to a manufacturer's pricing is, well, not a viable way to manage pricing.

If you are interested in this, or —preferably— if you've done something of this complexity before, please get in touch with me, and I'll answer any questions, and send you to examples of the products.

You can contact me at:, or call me at 206-780-5592.