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Hi Shopify store owners,

Hello and Happy New Year from Autocoda! We are a Shopify custom app development team from Perth, Australia who are on a mission to make life easier for Shopify store owners such as yourselves.

We want to help build a Shopify plugin for you for free (seriously)!



1. You tell us about your plugin needs (e.g. you need a better email marketing plugin than the one you are using)

2. If we decide your plugin is something we can build, we will get back to you in 1-3 days for more info

3. We create your plugin for you at no cost - less headaches for you, more revenue for your business!


Simply fill up this Google Form and describe as much details about your plugin idea:


Note: As it takes time to develop a custom plugin, we will only take a LIMITED number of requests, so please let us know ASAP as it's on a first-come first-serve basis!


Why are we doing this? We wanted to help spread the good vibes around with the start of the new year :)


We look forward to hearing from you guys!



- Autocoda Team

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