New Art Print Website - Help Needed (maybe coding)

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Hi all,


I've been running a business through instagram and trade of my art prints. Im now in the stage where im looking for a website. I chose this over SS but after watching YT videos i can see its alot harder than it looks.


I feel like i could get the products added etc but i just want to make it look right 1st time.


I have about 20 products all A5-A3 (3 variations) (print myself)

I also want to add Fine art america (outsourcing for bigger prints)

Printify - For phone cases etc


So i would need a mix. Need help making it look good, and professional. Just so then i can upkeep it in the future and add to collections etc.


Would be nice to know what's needed for my type of site. I look around so I kind of have an idea.


Also if could help with a new banner, aminated would be great. I've seen ones that move when you scroll down.


Thanks in advance

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Hi @FlySkeDesigns,

Welcome to the Shopify community and well done for taking a leap of faith on a new industry.

Your requirements seem pretty straightforward, should you like to discuss this with us so we can provide some guidance and counseling before taking it further please let us know. 


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yeah its not alot i think i can add in future, its just the general set up and getting it looking right. If i can be designing pics whilst this is done rather than spend 2 weeks pulling my hair out.


I feel i can do it but i want it to have a better look than i can get. I would need help, i can tell you what pics i have and collections, I know i want to add from external and printify.


Id love abit of design work, i can draw but i cant code or aminate. 


Just looking for quotes really. Ive literally got the artwork here ready to go. I need to set up a fine art america account and printify when i get paid monday and upload it all onto there. Im hoping thats easy enough.

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Please send any quotes to

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Hi @FlySkeDesigns 

I hope you're doing great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast or Email-

I look forward to your response!

Stay Well


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I'm getting loads of emails. 


Ranging from £60-£600

how do you know who to trust, is there a previous recommendations.


Just want to make sure i'm going with someone i can Trust and build business relationship 


Kind Regards

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Hello @FlySkeDesigns 

Welcome to the Shopify community!

This is Jay from Oakleaf Infoway. Thanks for sharing your expectations and requirements.

Your will must receive an email from to discuss in-depth about your dream and expectation which we will have to full fill and delivering.

Please add me over the skype : live:.cid.2ca82125d1edaa5f  (For an instant communication).


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Hi there, 

I can help you. Please contact me at or Skype: sales.wds