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We are working on launching a new site and need an experienced Shopify developer to help us with the project. The name of our company is Riprite LLC.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I have started a site that is located at . I have gotten as far as using the buy-with metafields method that was explained by Caroline in a post on the forum. So at this point I have three products on one page that you can buy together. As an aside, I have conditionally set up this page to also disaply the normal product layout for other products. The custom page is located here .

Here is what I am trying to accomplish at this point:

  • Not include either of the secondary items (hard drive or portable player) if the accompanying checkbox is unchecked.
  • Enable the user to return to this page if they wish to edit the order before checking out.

Also, not required but would be nice:

  • Ideally, have the bundled item appear in the cart as a single item.
  • Make the "How many CDs" select list a text input.

I have tried to teach myself how to use JSON as I suspect this is what is needed to finish this out, but I am beyond swamped right now at my day job ad really need to finish this out.

I realize that this may need to be approached differently than I am doing it - possibly setting up the second and third items as options of the first instead of distinct products. If this is neccessary to get the job done than this is fine. I can live without the hard drive and portable player not being their own products, although it would be great for tracking.


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Email on the way, sorry for the delay!

Mike Larkin | | | mikelarkin [at] pixellent [dot] com