New shopify site with custom programming

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We are looking to launch a new site that goes beyond your standard storefront. In addition to a traditional site I am looking to add these features: (keep in mind I have just discovered this site and some of these features may arlready be offered)

- countdown clock - for a 24 hour sale

- real time inventory tracker - as an item is purchased have it reflect in real time how many have been sold. not just on the back end but from the customers view

- automatic confirmation e-mail sent after purchase that includes the customers name and a sequental serial number

- ability to export data capture to an excel or csv. by serial number and/or name

Please contact me if you have experience with this kind of execution. We are just now researching the development costs for this project and are trying to establish a budget.Once the budget is approved we would then need someone to execute. so, it would also be helpful to know the amount of lead time needed to complete this project.

I know this is pretty vague, but feel free to contact me for more details. i appreciate any information that you might have to help me with this.

thank you,


Dustin Singler