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To apply you must have an excellent understanding of English. I've had too many issues in the past with communication barriers. It might sound rude, but I have wasted hundreds (if not thousands) over the years because of this.


The project: I have around 300 products. They come in two formats - landscape and portrait. Both have variants. The weights for all of them are currently the same.


I need the landscape products to conform to a new set of weights. I need the portrait products to conform to their own set of new weights.


I imagine it'll be more of an excel/spreadsheet job than it will a Shopify one. I don't mind how it's done so long as it's done correctly.


A login will be provided to the person who can help. A link can be provided if you'd like to inspect the site first. To demonstrate that you have read the requirements and understand all that is needed (and that you aren't a bot spamming topics), please also begin your post by explaining where you are from.



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Hi Phill - we hope you are well. We can assist for sure.

We are a premium Shopify partner/expert located minutes from Shopify’s headquarters, in Ottawa, Canada. We have been working with the platform for over 13 years (yes, that long).

Hit us up at projects[@]whitewatersolutions.com if you still need a hand.


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A certified Shopify Partner and Expert, WhiteWater Web (WWW) is a premium digital solutions company specializing in web dev/design, digital marketing, and online strategy.
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I can help in this.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: Hayden@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.


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@Phill3 I'm US based. This can be a super simple process IF the products in the shopify store has "portrait"|"landscape somewhere as part of the product data itself such as in a tag, or the products have already been put into collections.


If so you can skip excel and use the shopify admins bulk editor



Alternatively just use the product search&filter to export 2 files: one with portraits and one with landscape.

That way the column editing in excel is dead simple, then reimport the changes.


PM me or email me with details to paull.newton@gmail.com for an estimate to either do the data work or help you find|build|learn to do a repeatable process if weights should ever have to be changed again.

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