Placing products on separate pages + a few other items

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Here is my website:

Here is what I would like done:

- I want the images attached to match the flavor of my primary nav menu and other flash items.

- Drop down menu edited and primary nav menu edited.

- Products placed on their respective pages

- Forum added as a page and to the primary nav menu

- New videos placed on the video page and most likely to the home page.

Feel free to give quotes for just 1 or all of the items.  

I'm a novice but with enough time I could do the above task myself. I just don't have the time right now.   

That said, I don't need some crazy quote.  If you're expensive, don't bother.  

I pay half up front and the other half upon completion of the task.  I only use PayPal to protect myself.


Bret Richards

317 626 0660