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I'm in search of having e-commerce website built using the Shopify platform. It is for my startup business, Blackbox Case. We have the professional graphic design and branding in place. So I guess the majority of what we need is the coding of a shopify theme, as well as any small graphical changes/buttons/links-across-the-page-footer. Here's a quick breakdown of what we're looking for:

The unique page templates we would need are:

-Front page (i'll email you an image)
-Product Page
-General content page (for things like FAQ, about us, contact page)

I am unfamiliar of the moddability of the shopping cart, but would be interested in the theme carrying into the shopping cart pages.

Features we are looking for:
-Lightbox or a similar plugin for good showcasing of the product images
-Rollover effects for the three small images contained on the attached image. The rollover effect would be that the text ("welcome to the family", "the blackbox case story", etc...) would slide upward upon mouse rollover
-A "slide show" of images on the main image on the front page
-Good integration with the shopify platform. for example, the ability to upload photos for the front-page-slideshow within the shopify dashboard

Also, I'm very interested in your talents and suggestions with any creative features, tweaks, or effects you might like to recommend. I am working with a good friend that is a professional graphic designer, so between he and I we can work our butts off to get you whatever you need ASAP. 

Let me know your thoughts on price, timeline, and any questions you might have. Perhaps you would like to modify a theme that is already out there, or build it from the ground up. Our hope for this website is to have it started and completed as soon as possible, as our product launch is nearly ready.

Please email me at  Lance (at) blackboxcase (dot) com


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