Recommendations of developers who speeds up Shopify pages?

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We are really happy after switching to Shopify (from Magento 2), but Google seems to punish us because our page is too slow. It's especially with the mobile version PageSpeed Insights gives us less than 30 points in score.


I know there's alot of developers who have specialized on this topic, but do you guys have any experiences? It would be good to know how much improvement we can expect. I'm a programmer and I have tried to do some adjustments, but I'm not an expert on this topic. We are also using Crush Pic so the images should not be the problem.


Most of people don't recommend us going for an AMP version, because the design and the "good feeling" is very important since we are a fashion store selling shoes and some clothing. So I'm basically looking developers who can do just some adjustments with our theme.


We are using an adjusted version of the Impulse theme and our address is


Thanks for sharing some good experiences... 👏👏👏

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As for google amp the warnings are basically about using off the shelf apps vs you controlling the whole experience with your own system.

And DIY amp often means just redoing the whole theme and build process for efficiency.



Since performance optimization isn't always liner to cost to fix , I use a tiered approach.


Contact me for an estimate either to implement or consult


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I can help you with this. Please mail me at: and add me on $ to discuss more.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.


Gabriel A.

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Hey @Per_Arne,


Hope you are doing well. 


I can definitely help. Please connect me to reachmetojay at gmail dot com. 




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Hi Per_Arne,
Greetings !

I am interested and available further to assist.

Please contact me deepvyas71 at gmail dot com.


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Your problem is very common with the new Shopify users. My team and I have great experience in solving it.

First, try optimizing images to speed up your store. You can learn how to do it here

After that, you have to get rid of the apps you don't use much. They only slow down the website.

If it doesn't work you can try to set up Cloudflare.

We prepared an article on speed optimization in general

Please keep in mind that Google has changed the Lighthouse algorithms recently and now the speed information isn't that reliable. If you want to have a better understanding of your website performance it's better to look at the Bounce Rate on Google Analytics. It is not supposed to be higher with the mobile version. Otherwise, there are improvements to be done.

If you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us

We are always happy to help!



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We would love to help you.


Please contact here:


Thanks & Regards

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I don't think they're punishing you, most Shopify sites score low with Google PSI tool. The score isn't tied to actual load speed or SEO, they're estimated recommendations based on a site crawler.


I wrote a detailed guide to PSI for Shopify sites, the warnings, how to improve, why you can't or shouldn't clear all the warnings, etc -


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I'm Shopify expert and I have speeded up many Shopify stores, i can assist to fix all the possible issues which are slowing your website down.

You can check my blog about speed up tips here

You can contact me via

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