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I have a couple edits I'd like made to


Part 1:


Make all options for individual items show up in the pages of multiple items.


For example, when you're on the following page, it gives you the option to choose "Regular" or "Party size" for two different prices:


When you're on the following page, it just says "starting at $40"


Instead of saying "starting at $40", I'd like it to just have the dropdown menu, so people can pick the specific type of item, even when they're on the page that lists multiple items. I'd like this to apply to all items on the multiple-item pages.


I'd like it to also always have a "quantity" dropdown menu so people can choose to add more than one product before clicking "add to basket" on both the single product pages, and the pages with multiple products.


Part 2:


Add checkboxes to the gift box page so the user can add multiple add-ons to the product. The page is:


The items are:

A la carte options:
½ Dozen Brownies $14.00
½ Dozen Cookies $11.00
½ Dozen Biscotti $8.00
½ Dozen Cupcakes* $18.00
Recipe in a Jar $15.00
Hot Cocoa $10.00
1 8 oz Bag Coffee $12.00
1 8 oz Bag Fancy Mixed Nuts $7.00
1 8 oz Bag Mountain Mix $4.00
Gift Packaging - $0-$30 $3.00
Gift Packaging - $30-$70 $5.00
Gift Packaging - >$70 $7.00


(for the gift packaging, there will just be one checkbox, and if the item is between $0 and $30, it should charge $3 extra. If it's between $30 and $70, it should charge $5. If it's above $70, it should charge $7)


I would like it to automatically add the extra cost to the price when the checkbox is checked.


I'd also like to be able to edit these options, either through the content management system, or through a simple PHP edit.


Please let me know how much this would cost to accomplish. A set cost is preferred, but if it has to be hourly, please give an estimate for how long it will take along with your hourly rate.


Please contact me at with quotes. If this works out well, there may be more consistent work in the future.


Thank you!