SEO my store.. Looking for a shopify SEO pro.

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I posted this in the wrong section prior, re-posting here as a job posting.


Hello everyone, I am the owner/operator of
We are a Canadian, family owned and operated ecommerce store offering designer dog clothing and accessories to all of our fellow Canucks!

I recently opened my site on May 1st. It has not been long at all, but getting indexed into Yahoo or Bing just isn't happening. I am working on backlinks, videos, social media..etc. I feel confident I can build the connections over time to get us noticed more by our fellow Canadians.
Where I am most skeptical is on our current site optimization.

I am looking for someone that has experience with shopify seo optimization to have our site setup for the optimal results of search engine indexing. This is a fully customized site, template and all.

I have been adding self anchor text for testing, changing product titles, and more recommended ideas. If you do a "meta analyze" on our site, it says "not title found" and "no meta keywords found" even though they are there, and google obviously read them as the original title/keywords are indexed.. Wish it would re-index!

If you have experience and solid results, please contact me. I am also interested in SEO tactics to bring me up in the google numbers and would love to find someone that could work with our store to increase our visibility to our Canadian market over the months...

We don't have a huge budget right now as we are a new company and funds are going towards products and local promotions. Please contact us with your experience and expected pay.

Thank you.