Seeking Developer: Pre-populate Shopping Cart by Reading a DB Table

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  • My Company: HyperGold Web Services
  • My name: Rob Wood
  • The project's URL:
  • Budget: Looking for a quote 
  • Contact Info: DO NOT CALL ME! EMAIL, ONLY!
  • Portfolio and referrals required
  • Description of the services required: Membership Management for Non-profit Club

The project is to develop an e-commerce solution for one of our long-time clients (a non-profit club) that will pre-populate a shopping cart with an "order," based upon the member's info in a MySQL table. The table itself is imported into the DB as a CSV file. I don't need help with that, and it's already there on the club's website. I can tailor the table to match any ecommerce program's order table.

When a club member logs onto the membership management utility, he/she sees a profile that lists all of the pertinent info related to the member, and for which the member pays once (annually) when renewing membership, or registering for the first time. Imagine that these items are products in a store: Membership dues (regular, senior, junior, etc.), a locker rental, a boat rental, and one or two other things. The membership secretary keeps the data up-to-date. 

What I need is for someone to write code that does the following:

  1. The member logs on
  2. The member reviews the various items listed, along with their individual prices and total
  3. The member clicks "agree" and is immediately shown the contents of his/her cart, just as though the member had browsed a store, collected items into the cart, and is ready to check out. From that point forward, the as-written shopping cart checkout procedure comes into play, and the member can check out via PayPal, or stipulate that he/she will be paying by check.

Summary: The only custom part of this is in getting Shopify (or some other e-commerce program, such as osCommerce) to recognize that the member who has logged on has an order in progress, read from a MySQL table.

Please respond BY EMAIL (DO NOT CALL ME!), only if you can show that you've written DB integration solutions for whatever e-commerce program you want to use.


Rob Wood

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Helllo Mr. Wood,

I have sent you an email please check.

I would like to work with you.

Add me over Skype ID: cis.ron


Ron Anderson

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Hello Rob,

We've replied to your mail. So, please check and let clear some queries regarding the job to assist you better. 






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Love to assist you with that, 

Kindly email  me : or connect to skype: priyal_shivlab