Separation of frontpage - additional rows

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I've just started my website and I've almost finalised the design. I'm looking at making one final tweak on the front page.

My website is at Please enter password 1234567890 to enter the store (Still being developed)

If you look at the theme (please see pic attached), you'll notice you can place the products into the front page, 4 in a row and you can keep adding.

What I would like to do is split this section into two distinct rows: one for In Stock Items, the other for Pre-Order Items. Both rows should include a header to help me distinguish the 2 sections. That way my customers can see what's in stock and what;s for preorder without me having to place the word Preorders and In Stock in the product title.

If you are interested in helping me do this tweak, please email me at Please provide your quote for the job. Thanks!