Shipping integration

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Products on white is the name of our company, we are looking to provide small business and e-commerce companies with a one stop shop solution for photography of their images for their website/print/mailers/ads.  

The process:  Go to tell us how many images of a certain product you need photographed, checkout, mail the items for us to photograph and we deliver the image files.


The problem:  We would like to be able to incorporate shipping into the checkout process so the client just has to plop a label onto their box and it's ready to go.  We would also like to provide a return shipping option if the client needs their items returned.  So upon checking out, they'll receive a label for shipping to us and we'll receive a label for return shipping to them (if they decide to have their items returned).


Not too sure on the budget for this one, sorry.  But go ahead and through your thoughts and prices out there.