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Hi everyone, I'm Ben, I am preparing to launch my ecommerce site on shopify but we've been breaking our teeth on some issues we can't fix, and we're hoping some of you might have the knowledge to help out

Here is our site:

Issue #1: is there a way we can make the filter stick to the screen?

if you look here:

you will see a long list of wheels, and what I' like to achieve is to have the filters stick to the screen as you scroll down, so that they are always here (like the menu bar)

Also, if we can also have the filters stick to the top on the mobile site it would be the best

Issue #2:

Top bar changes:

We want to remove top very top line of the top bar (where the phone number etc is) and add the phone number, email and currency to the part where the logo is. And while we're at it center the menu (Home, By Type, etc) with the search field. 
To make it look like this:

Issue #3:

there are 3 metafield tabs at the bottom of each product:

Description, Taxes & Shipping, Fitting information

How can we code the back end so that the text we input in the CSV find its way in the correct tabs?

Issue #4:

Stock status:

when we put that item is in stock, Shopify automatically writes: "In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours"

Is there a way we can control this by CSV to write whatever we want?

Issue #5:

how can we add infinite scroll to the pages?

We found a way to have 300 products loaded per page, but it slows everything down and it messed up the filters on the side...

Issue #6: currency denomination

We have a currency converter installed, and to avoid any bad surprises from clients, we'd like to change the symbol for each currency. For example, now Singapore dollar shows: "$", US Dollar shows "$", Austalian dollar shows "$". We'd like to show "SGD", "USD", "AUD", etc. where can we control this in the code?

I hope some of you can help me, it's the final hurdles before we launch the store, and I am out of wits as to how to sort those out...

You can contact me at



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Hello Ben,
Please check you email and let me know. You can contact me on Skype anaisys.technologies

Shivank Agrawal


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Not to burst your bubble but you will probably have to end up hiring a coder if you want all of these done. Some of these requests are very in depth and would require a very experienced coder. 


By the time you hire a coder to customize this theme, you might as well just buy a better theme that suits your needs. We have one that we like to use here: