Shopify developer required for site completion

Shopify Partner
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The job entails finishing up a site for a client I have as I simply have too much work on at the moment. The bulk of the work is done however there is a substantial amount of work still to complete. Specification will come directly from me so there will be a nice short feedback loop. The "style" of the site has been determined so much of the work will involve constructing various liquid templates and general fit and finnish of the site. Quality control will be high on this project and so only those with a good eye for detail need apply. A decent understanding of shopify and it's api will be required for some of the more complex features, as will a willingness to develop in a "feature enhancement" style when it comes to javascript etc. The work may lead to an on-going maintenance & support contract with the successful applicant.

Anyone interested in the contract please give me a bell at:

roja *at* arbia *dot* co *dot* uk

Ideally send me some example work, specifically shopify projects.


  • Company name: Passed on to successful applicant
  • Your name: Anthony Buck
  • The project's URL: Passed on to successful applicant
  • Budget: TBD ($1000 +)
  • Contact Info: See above
  • Description of the services required: Ditto