Simple Shopify Modification. Desperately needed!

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I currently have a Shopify store set up at I need to make the navigation into images versus the current text and also allow for the home page to display one large splash image to the right side versus showing a selected product. Should be pretty quick and straight forward for anyone that is familiar with Shopify, probably about an hours worth of work? I can't seem to make sense of their "language" for the life of me! Also, on the collections pages, the products seem to be pushed down causing extra black space. Would like it to be consistent with the rest of the pages.

Please contact me if you're interested. My name is Debra and I can be reached at df(at)



Simply upload the images you wat to use as button and call in the normal manner

{{"home.gif" | asset_url | img_tag: "alt text here" }}


and wrap it in

<a href=""></a>
to make it a link

So home link would be something like

<a href="/">{{"home.gif" | asset_url | img_tag: "alt text here" }}</a>

I hope this helps

Also on the subject of splash screens there a bit dated and unecesaary these days.



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