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I'm looking for a skilled developer who can convert our store to an interactive community.

The basic Idea is letting the users upload photos and designs to be printed on t shirts and hoodies and make % of the sale.

Users should be able to do this through desktop and mobiles so a mobile app ( IOS and Android ) development is required.

After the user upload the photo, his work will be listed on our store for sale within a specific Title, description and tags that he/she has entered while creating the product. And when his work get a sale, he/she will be credited a a specific % of the sale.

There should be a section for every user along with his designed products.

Users should be able to check their earnings through a tab panel on desktop and the mobile app. and we can pay them through paypal.

To be more clear , I need a something to have features like this site. you can check their shopify site and download their IOS app to know what I'm looking for.

Please if you can help, contact me immediatly at this email

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Mizoo,

This is a concept that I've discussed and researched many times with multiple merchants. At this point in time, there's really not a good way to make this work. Perhaps an Official Shopify Development Expert could create you something from scratch (but if it's possible, it would most likely cost thousands of dollars (10k+?) to have done - so be prepared for some large quotes). 

From a business perspective, this really only makes sense if you can print & ship the products yourself, as this service already exists with incredibly competitive pricing. For example, you can have a custom t-shirt made for you at VistaPrint for $4.99 + Shipping. That's almost an impossible price to beat, so you'll have a very difficult time convincing potential customers to use your service instead. 

If you're looking more to feature community designs, rather than just letting people make their custom apparel on your site - I would recommend doing some kind of form submission (Acerill App is a good one to go with) to allow designers to submit their designs to you, so that you can pick ones you like to use. Once you have some designs ready to go, you could use a dropshipping app like Printful to generate the products, and list them on your site. Generating the products with the Printful app would need to be done by you (the store owner) and can't be done by your customers/designers (unless you make them a staff account for your store - but those are limited depending on your Shopify plan). 

All in all, I would recommend thinking of a different business idea to try if you haven't already invested into this one, as it will be an up-hill (and expensive) battle to have this idea turned into reality. 

Hope this helps,

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@Mizoo .. You are talking about what is called a marketplace model in ecommerce. The are a couple of apps on Shopify store that does exactly what you say..




I make apps and can help you in setting up payment gateways..
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Greetings ! 

as per the posted requirement , I have sent you an email please check so we can discuss further . 


Tom J

Tom J
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Hi Mizoo,

I have sent you an email on your shared Mail ID.


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Soon you're going to get a mail by us.



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Hi Mizoo,

As others have said above, this could be a very complex piece of development, but we're happy to discuss with you further so please email: info@antropy.co.uk

Kind regards,
Paul Feakins