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    My name is Sam Gwydir. I'm in the beginnings of starting a new tea store aimed at programmers. It is called Objective-Tea, a pun based on the programming language used in Mac OS X programs.

    Anyway, since programmers are massive consumers of energy drinks and soda I thought they would be a great target, especially since I am I reformed soda addict (Sunkist was my poison) and a mac programmer!

    While attempting to make my own theme for the site I decided I should probably just pay someone to do this right, so here I am. I am looking for a template designer.

    The template should have a programming theme, in particular mac programming.

    It would be preferred if you have programed on the mac before, or atleast could figure out some objective-c statments to drop here and there. Something I'd like is just little subtle code snippets. I was thinking the subtitle of the page could be "[[ObjectiveTea alloc] init];".

    You can contact me at




    Please post your portfolio here or email some links to me.

Thank you in advance,

      Sam Gwydir