Urgent Site Needed

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Need someone skilled at Shopify. Will need you to design and code and make sure shopping cart(s) are functioning (I have merchant accounts).

Speed is important as I need this done ASAP.

Basically, I need to migrate all the content contained at www.larginine-complete.com (also our site) onto a Shopify site that will have the look and feel of www.resetthebody.com. The new domain is LarginineComplex.com and for a logo simply use the larginine-complete.com logo replacing the word complete with Complex.

Again, all the content from Larginine - moved over in a presentable fashion fitting the design look and feel  of resetthebody.com - I have merchant account info that can be plugged in but project is not finished until everything is functioning.

Please provide portfolio examples of previous work, price bid for the entire project (range is ok) & estimate of how many days to complete the project.

You can reply here or contact me at rwilliams@partnerfusion.com (if this is not allowed, please disregard)