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So ive attempted to hire 4 experts 2 of them didnt know what content ids were (they were advertising the ability to set up a fb pixel) 1 of them im pretty sure tried to scam me and the last one is on day 3 of pixel setup for an 8 item store.
I guess what id really like to know is, is there somewhere other than shopify i can hire someone to do basic shopify tasks?

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I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you  for do basic shopify task.


PM sent please check.

please reach me out through Skype : cis.am3 or email me at 


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Hi There,
I hope you're keeping great!
I would be happy to work with you.
Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.
Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast
Email id-
I look forward to your response!
Thanks :)


As I understand it, Upwork  has a large market for Shopify work.


I would say that one way of vetting is to provide a small initial task as a test of sorts, but judging by your comment about the pixel implementation even that doesn't seem possible. For such small tasks, I do think it's reasonable to pay after completion though. That may help avoid so-called 'no-shows'.

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